Nest of bald vultures - Israel

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Bald vulture - description

The Israel Office of Nature and Parks and the Charter Group of Wildlife Ecology (Shamir Research Institute and the University of Haifa) would like to invite you to observe a very unique nest of a bald vulture, which includes two affected bald vultures. The live camera is part of monitoring and research efforts to establish and restore locally endangered vultures back into the wilds of Israel. A couple of vultures were born in early 2000 in the Gamla Nature Reserve and suffered from rickets - a bone disease that causes bone softness and deformities.
Despite this disability, a few vultures gathered and began to nest and were placed in a vulture conservation project (called "Opening the Wings") to increase the number of birds led by the Israeli Conservation Authority together with the Israeli Eclectic Society and the Israeli Conservation Society. The handicapped couple built a nest in a specially built nesting structure, which is "accessible for the disabled" and allows parents to easily climb to the site. Vultures in the Middle East still face such serious problems as electric shock, poisoning, habitat loss and hunting, and it is hoped that the pair, regardless of their handicap, will help increase the number of vultures in the coming years. The camera was added and maintained by the Charter Group of Wildlife Ecology (The Shamir Research Institute and the Department of Geography and Environmental Science of the University of Haifa) and was funded by a private donor. The camera was placed in full cooperation with the Israeli Office for Nature and Parks under the leadership of Ygal Miller

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Bald vulture - live

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