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Eagle Bald Eagle Webcam Fraser Point

author: Feb 3, 2018North America, Live cameras from nature179 comments

Bald Eagle - description

The nest of Fraser Point is located on the island of Santa Cruz, California.

History of nesting:
28. February 2012 confirmed that female A-49 matched male A-64

Female A-49 is called Cruz, male A-64 was named Spirit.
2012 failed mating and few had no eggs.
2013 hatched one young A-89 female
2014 2 chicks A-97 male and A-98 female
2015 2 chicks A-54 female and the other unlabeled female
(it had a small wing for marking)
2016 No egg, a rock eagle on the territory was moving, seeking their nest. From the edge of the year 2017 the nest fell from the tree. Eagle couple moved to another nest.
2017 3 chicks A-02, A-03, A-04 all males.

Bald Eagle - Live

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