Orlovec River webcam in Florida

author: | Feb 8, 2017 | North America, Live cameras from nature | 347 comments

Orlovec webcam in Florida - description

In 2014, the river eagle built a nest at the top of the monument. Unfortunately their nest in which the egg was destroyed was a storm. A threatened couple returned and began building a new nest.

As the staff of Achiveva was afraid of the previous disaster, they built a new nest in a safe and convenient place for orbits.
The male is called Jack and Dianne.

Wiki: Males and females are quite similar, the difference between adults is the leaner body and narrower wings in a male. Different is also the chest, which in males is weaker than in females and plumage of the lower part of the wings, which is more even in the males. It is easier to identify sex in a couple than a self-living individual.

Orlovec river - live

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