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Wildebeest - documentary film

Wildebeest description Wildebeest belongs to the antelope, to the family of cattle. It reaches a height of 115-145 cm and a weight of 168-274 kg. He has a long tail, mane and chin. It occurs on open grassy plains and in the bush. Males have larger horns and are generally larger than females, also ...

American Jaguar - Documentary

Jaguar - description Jaguar is one of the big cats, is the only representative of this group in America and the third largest feline in the world. The size of the jaguar is quite variable depending on the region and type of environment in which the animal lives. Larger individuals ...

Hulman Sacred - Documentary film

Hulman sacred - description Hulmani are among the primates of the family Vervet. They are relatively large monkeys with a slender body, a small rounded head and a long tail. It measures about one meter and helps them move around the trees. Another customization for life ...

South African Sea Lion - Documentary

South African Sea Lion - description The South African Sea Lion reaches a body length of 1,4-2,3 meter, the weight varies from 100 to 360 kilograms. The homeland of this species is South Africa, also northeastern Australia, Tasmania and the Isles of the Bass Strait; South African Sea Lion ...

Canadian Rys - Documentary

Canadian Lynx - Description Canadian Lynx is one of four types of lynx originally living throughout the northern hemisphere, especially in North America. It inhabits the deep forests of Canada, Newfoundland, Alaska and the environs of the Great Lakes in the Rockies in Wyoming and Colorado. His...

River Kingfisher - Documentary

Kingfisher - description The kingfisher can be found not only in Europe but also in South Asia but also in the north of Africa. In the east he settled in the Solomon Islands in the Pacific Ocean. Kingfisher is one of the brightly colored birds. The head and wings are turquoise ...

Dolphins in Shark Bay - Documentary

Dolphins - A complex social hierarchy, family ties and incredible maternal ties to a group of dolphins living in Shark Bay. A look at the life of 38-year-old Puck and her offspring. Dolphins are cetaceans, a group of mammals that have adapted to ...

Surikaty - documentary

Meerkat - description Meerkat inhabit dry savannas, deserts and semi-deserts in the South African interior. They hide from the sun and predators in rock crevices, termite pits and burrows, either by other mammals or by digging up themselves. Norwegians have in their home ...

Lumík - documentary

Lumik - description Lumik is a rodent, has a small blunt muzzle, thick hair and short tail. They usually live in or near the Arctic, in the tundra. Lemons weigh from 30 to 112 and are about 7 – 15 cm long. They are herbivores, mostly feed on leaves and shoots, grass and ...

Lionfish - Documentary

Lionfish - description Lionfish is a poisonous predatory fish of the Scorpionfish family. It is found in the Indian and Pacific Ocean. It inhabits coral reefs. During the day hiding under the overhangs and in the cavities. It is a solitary fish that lives in smaller communities only ...

Webcams and online transfers of animals and nature

Eagle bald webcam in Decorah

Eagle bald webcam in Decorah

Bald Eagle - Description Orli Decorah nestles near Trout Hatchery, Decorah Hatchery, located on 2325 Spring Rd in Decorah, Iowa. The female is known as mom and the male is known as DM2 (the second male of the Eagle Decorah). Generally, the courtship begins in October, productive mating on ...

Peppy Park webcam

Peppy Park webcam

White stork - description White stork is a large species of wading bird of the storks family. Big, long neck and long legs. The body length is 95-110 cm and 180-218 cm wingspan, the male is slightly larger than the female. The weight is in the range of 2,3-4,4 kg. In color ...

Seashell - webcam from the beach

Seashell - webcam from the beach

Sea Larch - description Sea eagle or Steller's Sea Lion is a great marine mammal, the largest representative of the family of litchi, which inhabits the shores of the Pacific Ocean, specifically from British Columbia through Alaska and the islands of the Bering Sea, across the Asian East Coast and Japan to ...

Coral reef submarine camera

Coral reef submarine camera

Undersea Camera Welcome to this amazing underwater world off the coast of Bonaire, an island in the Caribbean. Bonaire is one of the islands of the former Netherlands Antilles, currently part of the Netherlands This live camera is located on the west coast of the island and immerses you in one ...

Eagle shouting alive

Eagle shouting alive

Eagle - description Middle eagle (body length 55-65 cm, wingspan 143-168 cm). It looks like an egg, but in flight it has shorter, less pronounced fingers. Adult birds are from the top and bottom dark with their forearm and head. At the root of the handheld ...

Walrus - webcam from the beach

Walrus - webcam from the beach

Polar Walrus - Description Polar Walrus is a massive animal in which males weigh around 1210 kg and female 830 kg. Their skin can be strong 2 - 4 cm and grease them in an environment where they live an invaluable defensive function against strong frost. The male is otherwise long 3,2 ma 2,7 female ...

Alkoun General webcam from the nest

Alkoun General webcam from the nest

Alkoun obecný - popis Alkoun obecný is a medium-sized species of alkyd (length 32-38 cm, wingspan 49-58 cm). Adult birds in a wedding dress are whole black with a white field in the wings. It has also been observed twice in the Czech Republic. Common Alcon for the first time in its publication ...

Falcon falcon

Sokola migratory nest with four pups.

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