Poštová kamera from the nest

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Kestrel - description

The nest is located in Budapest, Hungary, part of Buda

Common Pox is a small representative of the order of predators. The kernel wingspan is in the range of 70-80 cm. Poxtail is a small falcon-like predator slightly larger than the wild dovecote. In the sky he has visibly pointed wings, often living in cities and is the most numerous falcon predator.

You can recognize the pox by their flying flight, keeping them in the air in one place, looking for prey and attacking it after a dive. This way of hunting distinguishes it from a similarly similar crab, but when hunting it is flying low above the terrain and the silhouette of the wings has a dull ending at the crouw. Poinsetts quickly waving their wings in flight and after a few strokes they take a break. They have a wide tail when swirling.

Cats do not build nests, they use nests of other birds (especially strak and crows), as well as various raised cavities, cornices and niches of buildings where they bear the eggs for which they merely squeeze a dent in the original material. In recent years he has been nesting often on the blockhouses in the housing estates.

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Kestrel - live

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