A patch of colorful webcam from a nest

author: | May 30, 2017 | North America, Live cameras from nature | 19 comments

Poštola pestrá- popis

Poštolka pestrá is the only agent on the American continent. In North America, the most common Falco representative is.
With its size of 19 - 21 centimeters, it belongs to the smallest Falco representative in North America. Wingspan ranges between 50 - 60 centimeters; females are usually larger than males. The male weight reaches 120 grams, with females up to 166 grams.
Males have gray-blue wings with black dots, the back is reddish-brown, the bottom of the body is white with black dots. The tail is reddish-brown, passes in a black belt and ends with a white or red-brown tip. The females have red-brown backs and wings with lots of narrow black bands.

Kestrel - live

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