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Common Kestrel webcam from nest

author: | May 13, 2016 | Evropa, Live cameras from nature | 150 comments

Poštolka obecná - popis

Poxtail is a small falcon-like predator slightly larger than the wild dovecote. The weight of the male is approximately 180 g and 220 g. The wingspan is between 68-80 cm. However, the data may vary widely, as kerosene has a large geographical variation not only in size but also in color. Like all falcons, the kestrel has a well-sharpened wings and a long tail.

A distinctive feature is the reddish-brown back of dark-stained males, in females and youngsters with dark transversal stripes or waves. Handhelds are dark. The bottom of the body is lighter with similar dark spots as on the back of the young is a significant longitudinal stain. The males have a crown and the head of the gray head and the whitish throat is lined with a distinctive black beard on the cheek. Gray, the tail is usually without stripes, only a wide dark band at the end. The females and youngs have a brown tail with a dark transverse stripe.

Poštolka obecná - live

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