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Puustík striptý

author: Mar 29, 2017North America, Live cameras from nature70 comments

Striped Stripe - Description

Striped stubble is a night bird of the Puškovit family.

The striped stripe reaches a height of about 50 cm, the head is perfectly round and wide with dark-brown eyes. His plumage is brown with intense dotting, has a white chest with longitudinal stripe and transverse ribbons on the chest. It inhabits mixed forests but nests in purely leafy stands near water. It lives in North America. Hearing this puck belongs to the most unusual of the night sounds. It reveals its presence in a loud voice, a verse corresponds to a tape recorder, or a good voice imitation. It places its nest in the cavities of a tree that can be used by several generations or up to decades. It also uses the abandoned nest of birds of prey and crayfish. Usually it carries two to three white eggs. His food includes small mammals, reptiles, smaller birds, amphibians and crustaceans.

Puštík striptovaný - živě

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