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Grand Slag - webcam in Hungary

author: | 18, 2016 | Evropa, Live cameras from nature | 227 comments

Grand Slaughter - description

Falco cherrug is a threatened predator of the Sokol family. It ranges from eastern Europe east through Asia to Manchuria. It is predominantly towed, wintering in Ethiopia, the Arabian Peninsula, northern India, Iran and western China.

Large Sickle is a large predator of growing 47 - 55 cm with 105 - 129 cm wingspan. Above is predominantly brown with gray squadrons, the top of the head is colored brown. The base of the body is bright with brown splashes on the stomach. Both genders are very similar, young birds are more obscure than adults.

It inhabits open landscapes with sparse trees. In particular, rodents and birds are hunted by direct hunting. They nest on the ground, bare rock ledges or in abandoned nests of other larger birds on trees. Takes 3 - 6 eggs.

The Great Squid is currently rated as an endangered species. The reason is a rapid population decline that is particularly noticeable on the Asian continent. Its greatest threat is the loss of natural habitat and hunting.

Greater Greyhound - Live

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