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Dr. Peter Sharpe and his assistant Steffani set out for the Two Harbors nest to circle the young eagles. The Bald Eagle's Nest is located on the cliff of Catalina Island. Part of the Channel Islands is located in an idyllic setting approximately 35 kilometers from the southern California coast. The female is ringed and marked K - 82, the male is numbered K - 81. Eagle couple nesting together since 2006.
The Wildlife Institute aims to research and retrieve the data needed to save and protect animal populations and preserve biodiversity in the world. In California, the Institute for the Study of Wildlife works with the Channel Islands National Park to study and protect the unique ecosystems on the southern California coast.

Dr. Sharpe and his assistant walking down the beautiful countryside slowly approached the nest, while the adults, Chase and Cholyn, are heard and seen circling the nest and expressing their displeasure. Dr. Sharpe carefully enters the nest, branches through the young eagle to make sure the eagle does not fall out of the nest and grabs it. He puts it in his bag and gives it to the assistant. He then removes the other eagle from the nest. Subsequently, Dr. Sharpe measures the circumference of the claw and finger, further the beak depth to determine the sex and places the orange ring on the left foot of the female and on the right foot the male. Attaches a silver fedeal ring to the other leg. After ringing, Steffani's assistant returns both eagles to her nest.

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