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The Spotted Eagle Nest is located in Murmastiene in Varaklani, Latvia.
The camera installed in Latvia near the nest of Orla is a part of the State Forest Management Project.
In 2016, a young pair of eagles, Betin and Betty, wore a nest, but did not start nesting.
In the year 2017 the eagle couple Betina and Betin, they successfully nested and brought one young Frida.
In 2018, several eagles were observed in the nest - one male and at least four different females. Nesting has not started.

Nesting 2019

4. April - live broadcasting started
5. April - 7.29 returned to the nest of female Betina
10. April - male Betin arrived

Flaming Eagle one of the smaller eagles. Wingspan reaches 140 - 160 cm. It is dark brown in color, light in age. It emits whistling sounds, feeding on small mammals, amphibians, and reptiles.
Flaming Eagle inhabits Central and Southeastern Europe, most Belarus, Poland, Lithuania and Slovakia to the Caspian Sea. In the southwestern part of the continent, it was almost extinct due to landscape drainage. In October, he migrates to South Africa, returning in April. The nest is built in the tall trees in the areas of old forests with meadows, pastures and fields. Female lays 1 - 2 eggs. Incubation lasts 38-40 days, sitting predominantly female, briefly alternating male during feeding. They usually only make one chick, the other is killed by older siblings. At about 50 days, the cub begins to move on branches around the nest, a week later it begins to fly. Sexually mature people become after 4 years. At first he will nest at the age of five. 26 years can live in the wild.

Online transmission

Eagle shouting alive


The female returns to the nest

The female visited the nest

The female checks the nest

Common buzzard on nest

10. 4. the male returned to the nest

The female brought a spruce twig

the female again on the nest

First time together on the nest

The male with the prey on the nest

First mating at the nest

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