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The Peregrine Falcon Nest is located on a cliff at La Crescent, Minnesota, overlooking the Mississippi River Dam.
The camera captures the life of migratory falcons, known as the falcons of the great swamp spirit.
The camera is part of the partnership between and Raptor Resource Project.
The Raptor Resource Project was founded in 1988 specializes in the protection of falcons, eagles, eagles, hawks and owls. The organization creates and strengthens the breeding populations of these predators by creating, improving and maintaining nests and nesting sites.
After winter, falcons are returning to the area in late February and early March. Newman is the first to come, waiting for the female to arrive a few days later. In the 2017 booth, black flies increased, and Raptor Ressource decided to install a new booth. In winter, 2017 replaced the existing one with a new one. The new booth has side ventilation and a larger front barrier.

Nesting 2019
Male Newman returned to 15 this year. February, female Michelle returned 14. March.
Total female 4 laid eggs

Eggs # 1: 2. April 2019 8: 29 CDT
Eggs # 2: 4. April 2019 21: 40 CDT
Eggs # 3: 7. April 2019 13: 00 CDT
Eggs # 4: 10. April 2019. First seen in 5: 30 AM CDT
Two chicks hatched

Hatching # 1: 12. May 16: 53 CDT
Hatching # 2: 14. May 6: 52 PM CDT

1. June was the ringing of young falcons, in the nest is one female and one male, their names are: Kira and Carson.
9. June attacked in the morning nest Eagle owl. The Great Horned Owl flew into the nest of the falcons and attacked one cub before the female Michelle could react with her own quick attack on the intruder to defend the young. An eagle left the booth and Michelle chased him furiously out of the area. Sadly, a small falcon named Kira, perished. Male Carson was not injured and was seen eating, vocalizing and being cared for by his parents.

Raptor Resource Project Online Transmission

Falcon falcon - webcam from the nest in Minessota


WARNING! - Video recording of the Eagle Owl attack

One cub survived the attack of the Eagle Owl

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