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The smallest eagle's nest is located in the Sierra de Guadarrama National Park, Spain. The webcam is a partnership of the Guadarrama National Park, with the help of SEO / BirdLife, which provides online transfer from the nest.
Nesting 2019
13.04.19 - A male on the nest was first observed
15.04.19 - A female arrived
06.05.19 - The First Egg
10.05.19 - Second Egg
14.06.19 - The first eagle hatched
17.06.19 - The second chick hatched
The young eagles were named, the older one named Plumo, the younger apparently male was named Chola.
Parents did not bring much food to the nest, if they brought anything, they usually got only an older eagle.
2. In July, aggression of the older sibling began to intensify. More and more he attacked the younger sibling. Morning of 3. July saw a brutal assault and an older younger eagle killed. It is not unusual for the smallest eagles, only a single, stronger baby will survive in the nest.

The smallest eagle is a small to medium-sized predator from the hawk family, reaching the size of a forest buzzard.
The monster differs, among other things, by six (with a hump of five) by finger fingers. Adult birds are found in two color variants - dark and light. Birds of dark form have a dark brown base of the body with a rusty tinge, and in flight a lighter inner handgun. Birds of light form have a base of the body white, contrasting with black squadrons. Above are the birds of both forms brown, with light brown large cups, whitish skeleton, a small white spot on the front edge of the wings at the head, and a few lightheads on the blades. It nests in forests with open-air landscapes, rarely flew into the Czech Republic.
In 2017, the first in the world managed to successfully breed this captive in the Liberec Zoo.
The smallest eagleThey nest in trees and at the end of April or beginning of May, the females lay two eggs and about 30 days sit on them, while the male alternates her partner for a short time. Although the eagles lay two eggs, they rarely bring out two chicks. Roughly after 35 days, the baby begins to fly, in the age of 45 days it is completely overcrowded, and at the end of August, after 55 days, it leaves the nest.

Online transfer from the nest:

Eagle Smallest - webcam

Videos from the nest
Colo and Pluma on the nest

DRASTIC VIDEO ATTENTION - an attempt to remove a younger eagle

Parents had almost no food at all the previous day, nothing could be caught in the morning, the hunger of the older one caused the younger sibling to die.

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