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The West End Eagle Nest is located on Santa Catalina, California. The nest is being monitored since 2006.
Eagle couple have been nesting together since 2015. Male it is marked with K-01 and its name is Superman.
Female is ringed. Her number is K-91 and her name is Thunder.
2019 Thunder put her first 7.2 egg in the 10.2 season. second 13.2. and the third XNUMX.
The young hatched in the second half of March. The first to see the world of 17.3. and the third 19.3.

Dr. Peter Sharpe and his assistant Christian from the IWS Institute for the Study of Wildlife 5. On April 4, young Bald eagles circled.
For safety, it didn't ring directly on the nest. Dr. Peter Sharpe removed the eagles from the nest and carried them just below the nest. Where he carried out a health check and beak and joint measurements to determine sex. There are two females and one male in the nest. The females were placed the IWS orange ID ring on their left foot and the silver ID federal ring on their right foot. The males are ringed in reverse, with an orange ID IWS ring on the right leg, a federal ring on the left.
Ring Numbers:
33 / A - female
45 / A - female
11 / A male
Dr Sharpe, he adjusted the nest and then carefully returned the eagles to the nest and photographed them for documentation.

Online transfer from the West End Institute for Wildlife Studies

Bald Eagle - nest on rock live

Lady Hawk video

Removal and return of eagles to the nest

Videoclip knarley123

Dr. Peter Sharpe and Christian go to the nest. This is a view from the West End Overlook - 2 camera. It is a long journey through a narrow ridge that is 91 meters above the water and is lined with cacti.

Video Recording Institute for Wildlife Studies Ringing

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