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The webcam was installed in a new nest in Varaklanithat was found in 2014. No egg was found this year in the nest.
Eagles in this nest in 2017 successfully bred one chick.
26. March 2019 - live broadcast started
This year, eagles have not nested here, but there is no shortage of visitors to the nest. The forest marten family moved into the nest.

Forest marten is a mid-sized weasel beast spread throughout Europe.
Kunu forest is found in moist forest complexes, most often in coniferous or mixed, occasionally appears in parks, villages or smaller towns. It is active in the evening and at night when it goes for food, which consists mainly of small mammals, birds, insects, frogs, but also bird eggs, various fruits or honey, occasionally carrion. Squirrels are her favorite prey. They often catch larger animals such as rabbits and hares. It has a brilliantly developed hearing and vision that can even record small animal species.
It reaches sexual maturity in the second to third year of life. In July and August, 2-6 gives birth to pups in March or April, following 8-9 months of pregnancy due to secret pregnancy (the embryo does not develop in the uterus for some time). The young are born completely impotent, blind and little feathered. Eyes open after 7 days of life and breast milk suck for 3 months. They leave their native dens after two months and are fully independent after six months of life. On average, 15 years live in nature.

Online Transfer - 2 webcam

Eagle whirling webcam Latvia


16. June visited the nest of a Goshawk

7. In June, a marten appeared on the nest, carrying clumps of mushrooms that she had buried there.

Family kun on the nest

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