The nest is located in southern Estonia, Tartumaa, near a fish farm. Natural rivers and ponds are also nearby.
The resident male Ivo hatched and in 2013, Joosep Tuvi circled him in the 50 km NNE nest in Jõgeva County.
Female Irma was ringed as an adult bird, we know nothing about her ringing date.
This year, the female Irma did not return to her nest. Ivo thus nestled with a new female.

Osprey Riveris a medium-sized bird of the Osprey family. Reaches 55-58 centimeters. Wingspan is 145-170 centimeters. Orlovec lives mostly around the seashore, lakes and larger rivers. Its food consists of 99% fish that fish on the surface of the water. Osprey often take their nest from other birds of prey, which are located on the tallest trees. Both parents are sitting on eggs, but mainly females. The male feeds on the nest. Osprey sits on egg 35 to 41 days. Young Ospers fly out of the nest in 50 to 60 days.

Online transfer from the nest Kalakotkas2 - kamera1

Osprey - webcam from nests in Estonia

Main events of nesting 2019 - video recordings

2. April - Online transmission started

3. April - Osprey on land

April 5 - Estonian sea eagle on nest (ring E3O1)

Details about E301
E301 was circled in 2015 as one of two chicks in Emajõe-Suursoo, the Gunnar Sein Nature Reserve. It's about 40 km east of the kalakotkas2 nest. The Eagle remained practically at home… probably looking for a nesting area.

April 7 - Resident male Ivo (ED) is back on the nest

13. April - Foreign female on nest

17. April - Osprey with EA ring visited the nest

April 19 - male Ivo and two unrunged females together on the nest

April 23 - unknown eagle - female with a metal ring on her leg

April 26 - Egg # 1 is laid

April 27 - the new female was named Iiris / Iris

April 29 - Egg # 2 is laid

May 2nd - Egg # 3 is laid

16. May - A foreign eagle lands on a nest

4. June - the first baby hatched

5. June - second cub

7. June - Third Cub

15. July - Young Osprey were ringed. Ornithologist Urmas Sellis circled.
Urmas Climb to 15: 48 and Start Climbing Down in 16: 26

Ring numbers

UM - male, weight 1575 gr

UN - female, weight 1695 gr

UP female, weight 1605 gr

Ringtone video

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