Rorys obecný - webcam from the booth

author: | May 20, 2016 | Evropa, Live cameras from nature | 393 comments

Camera occupying two booth boxes. Rorys is a small migratory bird, one of the best fighters. Besides the nesting season, she is constantly in the air, where she even sleeps, drinks, mates. He perfectly alternates a brisk flight with sailing, during which he takes a height of about one to two kilometers. During a flying flight, it drops into the micro-sleep, shuts off one half of the brain, the other controls the flight. The average flight speed is 35 km / h but can also reach 200 km / h.
It feeds mostly on flying insects. She arrives to us in April and May. He goes to winterfields in July and August.

Rorys originally nestled on the rocks and searched for the cavities of the trees. Currently he uses holes and slits in human constructions. Unfortunately, the current trend of building insulation threatens the rising population. Between 1898-2000 flights, the number of Prague rorys has decreased by 45%.

Rorys - live

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