Falcon falcon - webcam from the nest in Minessota

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Peregrine Falcon - description

Welcome to the 6th Great Spirit Bluff Peregrine Falcon!
Great Spirit Bluff Falcons nest on a cliff near La Crescent, MN, overlooking the castle and dam on the Mississippi River. Falcons are not present all year round. Generally, they return in late February to early March, beginning courtship between early and mid-March, and laying eggs between late March and mid-April. Hatching should begin at the beginning of the month until mid-May; hatching usually occurs after 38-40 days, after which the young will disperse in late August or mid-September. Adults remain in the territory until late autumn. While the male and female depart at about the same time, they are not believed to migrate together.
At present, the nested female Michelle ringed P / 87 and the male Newman, which is not ringed.
Online broadcast from the nest has been broadcast by the nonprofit Raptor Resource Project since 2005. In total, the falcons brought 41 pups.
Thank you to webcam operators:

GSB Peregrine Falcons

Peregrine Falcon - live

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