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Mute swan - description

Swan's Nest is located in Poland.

The Great Swan is one of the largest birds in the Czech Republic. It has a long, white-colored body with a short tail, black legs, an arched curved slender neck and an orange beak with a bump at the root that is visibly larger in the male than in the female.

Feathers are gray-white, young birds are gray-gray with a black beak without a bump. The swan flies with slow wings and neck.
The Great Swan inhabits both stagnant and slow-flowing waters across Europe and in temperate regions ranging from eastern, northern to western Asia.
A large nest of wicker and reeds builds on the edges of lakes, ponds and on the banks of running waters. The female usually lays 5 to 7 greenish eggs measuring 112 × 75 mm at the turn of March and April. The female sits mainly on the eggs, while the male guards the surroundings and represents her on the nest only when the female is looking for food. The incubation period lasts about 35-38 days. Non-feeding pups are then accompanied by both parents for 4 to 9 months.

Mute swan - live

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