Bald Eagle's Nest - Webcam Big Bear

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Eagle's Nest Big Bear - description

The non-profit organization Institute for Wildlife Studies installed the camera in the Bear Valley a few years ago.
They kept the camera and transmission without the eagles using this nest.

In the autumn of 2017, a young, inexperienced eagle couple began to appear here.

In 2017, Jackie and Mr. B took over the nest. In 2017, Jackie and Mr. B mated, but Jackie did not lay eggs. Given that she was only 5 years old (determined by her feather color pattern), she may have been too young.
But in 2018 Jackie laid eggs that hatched and were named Stormy and BBB. The BBB did not survive a severe 24-hour rainstorm and subsequent freezing temperatures. Stormy survived. When Stormy was almost 8 weeks old, he was ringed on each ankle. Stormy's identification ring is purple with the number JR1.
In 2019 the female laid two eggs, survived one chick named Simba. Simby identification ring is blue ZR1.
Nesting 2020
This year the female Jackie has laid two eggs. The first egg was laid on 8.11, the second three days later on 11.1. Expected hatching is around Valentine's Day 14.2

The Big Bear Lake is a reservoir
in San Bernardino Mountains, San Bernardino County,
in the state of California, USA.
The lake was named after the grizzly bears that were together
with indigenous peoples of the region.
It belongs to the Santa Ana River Basin. The surrounding area is a popular holiday destination.

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Big Bear eagle nest

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