The smallest eagle - Els Ports Natural Park

author: | September 8, 2018 | Evropa, Live cameras from nature | 19 comments

The smallest eagle - description

The Eagle Nest is located in Els Ports Nature Park, located on the southwest border of Catalonia. The Els Ports Nature Park is also called the Pyrenees of the South.

The smallest eagle is big like a hump, spanning about 120 cm. In part, it is one-color brown, partly light gray, has almost white lower body and black tip of the wings. She has bright spots on her shoulders.
In May, the trills of this not too nocturnal bird in the nesting place are heard in the flowing period and the male performs aerobatic wedding flights. Eagles nest in the trees, and at the end of April or early May, the females lay two eggs and about 30 days are sitting on them, with the males changing their mate for a shorter time. Although the eagles lay two eggs, they rarely bring out two young ones. Roughly after 35 days, the cub starts to fly, at 45 days it is completely overpopulated and at the end of August, ie after 55 days, the nest is flying away.

The smallest eagle - live

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