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Taxis and mouflon - live

This LIVE broadcast provides CAMIBOX.TVlive streaming of your events in FULL HD.

Mufloni and the Deaf - description

Mufloni and deacons online camera

Online camera from forest zookoutku in Malé Chuchle. If you visit the zookout personally, you can see fox, badger, scarf, lynx and others. Online camera takes up the range of mouflon and deer.

At present, marsupials and muflons are largely in the fields. fallow deer is a European deer with shovel antlers. For males, the height at the withers is between 85-110 cm, for females 75-90 cm. Taxis they are very tolerant to other beasts. Meadows spread out. They harvest the fruits, taste the top of the young jellyfish.

Mouflon is the only wild representative of the sheep family in European nature. The height at the withers is 75 cm. Muflon is not food-intensive. Saves both acidic and hard grass. Throughout the year, she lives in herds that are divided by gender. Older rams live rather lonely. Courts are held in November and December. Muflončata are born after 22 weeks.

Muflons and dear video galleries

Muflons and deaf photographers

Mufloni and taxpayer notebook

Taxes and mouflon discussion


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    Petra Chlumecka 22/01/2020 v 11:09 k Eagle Sea webcamMaruška, I also do not want to admit that she would perish, they can mate elsewhere, but they do not watch the nest or the area,
    Marie Jirsova 22/01/2020 v 10:57 k Eagle Sea webcam22.1. 2020 The nest was built hard, it is better built than last year. Milda was hardworking too. I will think that
    Petra Chlumecka 22/01/2020 v 10:18 k Eagle Sea webcam22.1. From Forum Forumsod - Vērotāja Good morning! Unfortunately my thoughts are not optimistic. The reason is what in the last
    Petra Chlumecka 22/01/2020 v 10:08 k Eagle Sea webcamHello Hansel, I also do not like it anymore, nor Raimis was not in the nest yesterday and if it turns out it is
    runner 22/01/2020 v 08:12 k Eagle Sea webcam...ta Milda mě již straší a nějak se mi to přestává líbit! 🙁
    Leona 21/01/2020 v 23:40 k Nest of the Bald Eagle - Big Bear webcam21-01-2020 When changing in incubation at 11,51 and 15,16 beautiful "beaking" 🙂 In every today's substitution brought bedding -
    Leona 21/01/2020 v 22:01 k Nest of the Bald Eagle - Big Bear webcamThey say "you see like an eagle", but Shadow is probably the exception 🙂 - the blind still puts Jackie on his back.

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