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The Secret of the Rainforest Documentary

author: | September 8, 2017 | Dokumenty | 0 comments

Tropical rainforest

Tropical rainforest is the biomass with the largest number of species of organisms, most of which are most likely not yet recognized. It is estimated that 2 / 3 lives in all tropical forests of all known plant and terrestrial animal species on this planet.
The rain forests are literally swarming with life. From the stinging stump in the forest soil to the highest shoots of tree crowns, each suitable place is inhabited. Only 400 species of different birds, 125 species of mammals, 150 species of reptiles and amphibians, 150 species of butterflies and countless but enormous numbers of other invertebrate animals such as poison spiders and insects can be found on the area of ​​only a thousand hectares. Of course, the number of individuals is many times higher. Life is richest and most varied in crowns, where each twig, leaf or flower turns to the sun. Many animals will never touch the earth in their lives.

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