Nest of eagle bald Santa Cruz live

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Eagle's Nest Santa Cruz - History

Male A-40 was nesting with another female A-27 in the 2010 / 2011 period, the female carrying the 2 eggs, one not hiding.

Season 2011 / 2012 was another successful year for this nest.

The female was carrying 2 eggs, both of them successfully hatched.

The youngsters labeled A-81 and A-82 fully developed in July 2012

Season 2012 / 2013 was not successful.

The female was carrying 2 eggs, but there was an intruder and the A-27 female left the nest, the male A-40 would not be able to incubate alone, the eggs destroyed the raven.

The new A-48 new female arrives.

Season 2013 / 2014

Female A-48 carried the first 15 eggs, but was removed from the nest - unknown cause.

The second egg was carried by 16. March, but the unfortunate accident of the A-48 branches caused an egg to break.

Season 2014 / 2015 was not successful again.

Female A-48 carried one egg but was not viable.

Season 2015 / 2016 was very successful for this nest.

The female was carrying 3 eggs, but unfortunately it did not lie, but two chicks A-62 and A-63 successfully hatched and fully developed, full feathering reached 30 May.

The 2016/2017 season was not successful for this nest. A total of eight eggs were laid in two clutches… all eight eggs cracked. Cause unknown.

The 2017 / 2018 season was successful for this nest. Eagle couple bred three cubs

Female Audacity A48 is slightly larger, ringed on the left leg.
Male How A40 is ringed on the right leg and has darker tail feathers.

Santa Cruz Eagle's Nest - Live

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