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Raccoon Run - webcam [: en] Raccoon's enclosure webcam

author: Oak 19, 2016Carnivores, Live cameras from the zoo0 comments

Two raccoons - alive

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The run of two raccoons - a description

Run of two raccoons online camera

Online camera from forest zookoutku in Malé Chuchle. If you visit the zookout personally, you can see fox, badger, deer, deer, lynx and others. The online camera occupies the range of two raccoons. Raccoon is a medium sized mammal. Its natural biotope is deciduous and mixed forests. Thanks to its adaptability today, cities are also commonplace, where it is often considered a serious pest.

The adult raccoon is a long 60 - 90 cm and weighs from 6 to 10 kg. The color is gray, the face is lighter, with distinct dark stripes under the eyes. Females are 60 - 65 days pregnant and give birth to 3 to 5 chicks. The raccoons are active mostly at dusk, they swim very well and climb the trees. They're looking for stoned trees as their shelters. Like other teddy bears, they fall for winter to winter sleep. Wildliest raccoons are fond of looking for food on shore streams and lakes.

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