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The most dangerous snakes of the world produced by Nat Geo TV

This show is the cut of the best of the world's Most Dangerous Animals series and reveals the secrets of the world's most misguided predators. They are creeping behind their prey and then attacking it without warning. Others are moving at blinding speeds or attacking ways you would never have expected. Everybody has a special tactic that makes him a perfect predator. Your hidden weapons and surprising capabilities will reveal the most dangerous snakes of the world. [: En]

The most dangerous snakes in the world from Nat Geo TV

This document is a montage of the best from serial The most dangerous animals in the world and reveals secrets of snakes, cunning predators. They sneak their prey and then they attack. Without warning. Each type of snake has its own method of haunting and because of that they are perfect predators. Every secret weapon and many other reveals show The most dangerous snakes in the world.[: de]

Die Gefährlichsten Schlangen der Welt von der Produktion Nat Geo TV
Dieses Documentary Montage aus dem Besten aus Serien Day gefährlichsten Tiere der Welt und enthüllt Geheimnisse von Schlangen, schlauen Räuber. Sie schleichen sich an ihre Beute und greifen sie dann. Ohne Warnung. It is Art von Schlange, which is the method of eindringliche, and it is based on the perfect Räuber. Going Geheimwaffe and many other enthusiasts Die gefährlichsten Schlangen der Welt zeigen. [: fr]

Les serpents les plus dangereux dans le monde de productie Nat Geo TV
What document do you mount from meilleure série de Les animaux les plus dangereux dans le monde et révèle les secrets de serpents, les prédateurs rusés. Ils faufiler à leur proie, puis ils attaquent. Sans avertissement. Chaque type of serpent and propriete méthode de hantise et fait fails, ils sont des prédateurs parfaits. Chaque arme secrète and beaucoup d'autres révèle montrer Les serpents les plus dangereux du monde.

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