Vulture scavenger - webcam in Bulgaria

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Vulture carnivorous - description

A wild nest of vultures is located in Bulgaria. Egyptian vulture is a name used in other countries.
This is the LIFE project "Egyptian Vulture New LIFE" HD streaming camera from a niche of vultures. To minimize camera interference, the team masked rock pebble equipment. At the beginning of April, both birds returned from wintering grounds in Africa. By the end of May, everyone can witness the hatching of chickens and their devotional care.

Such devices provide us with useful information about the diet and behavior of species. They help us make the right decisions when carrying out direct conservation activities, such as feeding, and also provide us with information on the ecology and biology of species. We witness the construction of the nest, the laying of eggs, the hatching of chickens and feeding.

Last but not least, technologies such as online video cameras connect people with the secret life of birds; to arouse interest and commitment to globally endangered species - one of the most important factors for its conservation.

The camera for online observation of a vulture's nest is the only one of its kind in the world. Camera 2 - sends from the adaptation aviary to the release of vultures kept in captivity in the wild and after the creation of the Rescue Center for the Ecology of the Green Balkans, where parents are currently caring for the young.
We are very grateful to the mobile operator A1, which provides direct power to the camera, Miroslav Mihailov for system maintenance and Antonia Kalchev for the provided internet connection and server!
Thank you to webcam operators:

The scavenger vulture (Neophron percnopterus) is the smallest and most endangered European vulture.
The scavenger vulture is a stout bird with a bare, unfeathered face with a strong, curved and pointed beak at the end. The adult bird is white or gray with black flies. Males and females are colored similarly. It occurs mainly in North Africa, southern Europe and Asia Minor. He prefers open countryside, bare mountain slopes or river valleys enclosed by rocks near human settlements. In southern Europe, it is mostly a migratory bird, wintering in Africa south of the Sahara. It eats smaller carcasses, but sometimes it also prefers caught food (grasshoppers, smaller rodents). The scavenger vulture was highly worshiped in ancient Egypt and represented the goddess Nechbet, the protector of the pharaohs and the sister of the goddess Eset. Together with the Egyptian cobra, he was the animal protector and symbol of Pharaoh's power. His depiction was part of the headdress of Egyptian queens, such as Cleopatra VII. Therefore, it is also referred to as Pharaoh's hen.
As the scavenger vulture is one of the most endangered species of birds, zoos and conservation organizations are working to reintroduce programs to return zoo animals to the wild.

Vulture carnivorous - live

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