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Hummingbird nest - webcam

author: Feb 23, 2016North America, Live cameras from nature296 comments

Nest Hummingbird - description

cameras from a nest of hummingbirds

Online camera from the hummingbirds nesting in California. The nest is half the size of a golf ball. Each egg is about the size of Tic Tac. About two and a half weeks after the rendezvous, young babies appear. Hummingbird protects their children and feeds them with insects and nectar. Hummingbirds are working 21-25 days from hatching and are ready to discover the joy of flight. Join our community of faithful viewers to watch these unique shots.
Camera 1 - hummingbird Bella
Camera 2 - Hummingbird Elsa
Camera - 3 Hummingbird Alyssa
4 Camera - Bella Diamond
If the hummingbirds do not swim, transmissions from southern Texas are being broadcast, where the hummingbirds stop growing during the migration to delicious nectar on their feet.

Thanks to webcam operators:

Camera 1 - hummingbird Bella

Camera 2 - Hummingbird Elsa

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