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Hummingbird nest - webcam

author: Feb 23, 2016North America, Live cameras from nature283 comments

Nest Hummingbird - description

1 online camera from hummingbird nest

Online camera from the hummingbirds nesting in California. The nest is half the size of a golf ball. Each egg is about the size of Tic Tac. About two and a half weeks after the rendezvous, young babies appear. Hummingbird protects their children and feeds them with insects and nectar. Hummingbirds are working 21-25 days from hatching and are ready to discover the joy of flight. Join our community of faithful viewers to watch these unique shots.
Camera 1 - hummingbird Bella
Camera 2 - Hummingbird Elsa
Camera - 3 Hummingbird Alyssa
4 Camera - Bella Diamond
If the hummingbirds do not swim, transmissions from southern Texas are being broadcast, where the hummingbirds stop growing during the migration to delicious nectar on their feet.

1 Camera - Alyssa Hummingbird

Camera 2 - Hummingbird Elsa

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