Nest of the Bald Eagle - Webcam Dale Hollow

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Dale Hollow Eagle's Nest - Description

Dale Hollow Lake Marina, in association with Twin Lakes TV, have signed a cooperation agreement to broadcast live broadcasts from the Bald Eagles nest.
This project was conceived at the beginning of the year of 2014. The camera was installed by one of the strongest supporters of this Twin Lakes TV project and provides broadcasting in 24 / 7 mode.
The eagle nest is observed for seven years, during which eagle pair raised a total of 13 chicks.
The Eagle Couple got the names of a male called Obey and a Female River.

Eagles are seen in their natural habitat and viewers can witness attacks from Virginian or other eagles, and may see injuries or deaths of one of the eagles or their pups.
DHEC is allowed to approach this nest only once a year, July / August when the eagles are away from the nest. DHEC is currently performing camera editing and maintenance. DHEC will not violate federal laws and in any other season for any reason will not be near this nest. Human interference with eagles' lives threatens the nest, the eagles, their young ones, and may cause the eagles to leave this nest. Similarly, if something happens with the cameras during the breeding season, the DHEC will not approach the nest, the camera will be out of service until the July / August off-season is allowed off-season.
Therefore, please take a look at this camera, considering that no one gets to this nest for any reason other than from a distance, with a telescope. Everything remains in the wild in this nest and DHEC will not interfere with nesting.
Watch and enjoy this transfer from the wild nest of Bald Eagles, considering that disappointment and tragedy can occur along with the joy and beauty of these beautiful creatures.

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Bald Eagle's Nest in Dale Hollow - Live

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