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Wild Yellowstone: Vlčice - documentary [: en] Wild Yellowstone: She-wolf - documentary film [: de] Wilde Yellowstone: Weibchen Wölf - Dokumentarfilm [: fr]

author: Feb 26, 2016Dokumenty0 comments

Story of an extremely strong female wolf.

A documentary about the story of a Yellowstone wolf who has left her pack to become the leader of the pack, despite all the obstacles.
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[: en]

Story of incredibly powerful female of gray wolf.

Document about one she-wolf from Yellowstone, who leaves her pack to become a strong leader of her new pack.

[: de]

Geschichte von unglaublich mächtige weibliche grauen Wölf.

The documentary Yellow Yellowstone of Yellowstone, which has been published in the journal Führer, is not packed.

[: fr]

Histoire d 'incroyablement puissant femelle de loup gris.

Environ a document qu'elle-loup of Yellowstone, quitte son sac de pour devenir leader fort de son nouveau pack.

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