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Wolf - webcam from the Minnesota rescue center

author: May 17, 2016Carnivores, Live cameras from the zoo109 comments

Wolf description

Wolf is the largest representative of dogfish, weighs 35 to 52 kg. It is long 150 to 190 cm and high 65 to 80 cm. Females are smaller - weigh about 25% less than males. There are large differences in weight and size among the different subspecies of the wolf. For example, the red wolf (Canis Rufus) living on the lower Mississippi can weigh only 15 kg. The width of the wolves is also influenced by the latitude - the more northerly they live, the greater they are (Bergman's rule). The only exception to this rule is the Arctic wolf (Canis Lupus Arctos), which, despite being on the north, is smaller than the wolves living in the north of Canada and Alaska. The amount of prey in the area where they live is also affected. Logically, the more booty the bigger the wolves will grow. The full-size wolf reaches the age of about 1 of the year.

Wolves, like dogs or cats, are sensitive to vibrations and can recognize the approaching earthquake several days before it arrives. According to the intuition he can communicate with other members of the pack. There are always two "Alpha wolves" in the pack. They can have chicks. The other members of the pack are taking care of the youngsters. The mother grows in the mother's body 62 days, two months. During the first week, they are blind, and later begin to see.

When a wolf dives on a male "alpha wolf" and defeats him, alpha becomes a loner and the wolf becomes an alpha wolf. The defeated wolf becomes a "solitary" wolf and lives alone. Exceptionally, the wolf will accept another pack.

Wolf - live

Wolf - live - 2. camera

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