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Sumatran tiger - description

1 and 2 Zoo Topeka, Kansas
The young were born on Monday, 15. October - 3 males and one female

Camera 3 - Jacksonville Zoo
The youngsters of the critically endangered Sumatran tiger were born 20. November in the Jacksonville Zoo.
It is the second litter of six-year-old Dorcas and a 16-year-old male Berani.
The young are males and they are named Rocky and Jaggar.

The Sumatran tiger is the smallest, most endangered and the only tiger whose population is limited to a single island. Unfortunately, the Sumatra Tiger is critically endangered and only three strong populations remain in the protected forests on Sumatra Island in Indonesia.
One of these populations is in the Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park, where the Zoo and Gardens in Jacksonville partner with the Rhino International Foundation to protect their habitat. A four- to six-member team of rangers travels through the forest, mostly on foot, on multi-day patrols that remove traps and traps, and arrests poachers trying to capture tigers and their prey.

Sumatran tiger - live

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