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Rough gray - webcam

author: | 12, 2018 | Evropa, Live cameras from nature | 21 comments

Gray-brown Rory - Description

The gray-brown Rorys is a small migratory bird of the order of the slips, one of the best fighters ever.
The gray-brown horn is 16-18 cm, reaching the 39-44 cm wingspan. It is very similar to the common pine. It has wider wings, head, neck, and a more coarse body in comparison to the common rhinestone. The forehead and throat are lighter. Elbow squadrons, inner handguns, and handheld shovels are brighter than the more black-handed external hand-held squadrons and the dark-brown coat. Bright perimeters create the impression of greater "flaking" especially on the underside of the body. In contrast to the common rhinestone, it has slower wings and more sails. It's pulling. It nests in southern Europe, northern Africa and southwestern Asia. It is south of the Sahara.

Rye gray-brown - live

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