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  • Young barn owls successfully left the nest - Nesting 2020 22.5.2020 - The camera in the nesting box of an owl in the state of Indiana belongs to the project The Cornell Lab of Ornithology. The owl booth is located in the garden of Jim Carpenter, President and CEO of Wild Birds Unlimited since 1999. The booth was first occupied in 2006 and has hosted several nesting pairs of owls ever since. […]
  • The youngest cub of sea eagles was removed from the nest by an older sibling 19.5.2020 - The nest of sea eagles is located in Latvia in the district of Kurzeme, Durbe. This territory has been known since 2014. The nest is interesting because it is built on a tree at a height of 30 meters, which eagles choose very rarely. The live broadcast shows viewers nature as it is. With beautiful moments and the roughness of nature. Organizations do not interfere in natural […]
  • Attacks on the nest of eagles on the island of Hog continue 18.5.2020 - The nest of eagles is located on the island of Hog off the coastal state of Maine. The eagles on the island nest for the seventh year. The webcam offers an intimate look at their private lives and all his dramas, including fighting birds of prey and rearing young. This camera is monitored by volunteers at Hog Audubon Camp Island and hosted online by National […]
  • Big jump of young goose from the nest 13.5.2020 - A couple of Canadian geese took over the nest of Charlie and Charlotte eagles in Montana before returning from migration. The female laid three eggs on April 7, 9 and 11. One egg cracked during incubation. The Charlie male returned to April 13, 2020, and Charlotte returned on April 17. They built a new nest on the more distant P2 platform. On the nest […]
  • Another baby elephant was born in the Prague Zoo 11.5.2020 - On Saturday morning, May 9, a female Indian elephant was born in the Prague Zoo. She weighed 124 kilograms. The birth weight of an older baby elephant born on March 27 was 92 kilograms. The mother is the Indian elephant Janita. The father of both elephants this year is a male Ankhor. "We finally saw the second baby elephant! Janita gave birth at the Prague Zoo in […]
  • Unusual prey on the nest of peregrine falcons in Spain 4.5.2020 - The nesting house of peregrine falcons is located in the Torre Garena building in Alcalá de Henares, Madrid. History of the camera and breeding pair: 8T female, (black PVC ring), born and ringed in 2011, in the city nest in Madrid. In her early years she was paired with a male with ring 2E, with an attempt to breed in sections of the river […]
  • An endangered California condor hatched 30.4.2020 - The camera is located at the Condor Sanctuary Ventana Wildlife Society in Big Sur, California, 3,2 miles east of the Pacific Ocean at 853 meters above sea level. The shrine is surrounded by pristine US Forest Service land visible in the background. The nest is located in a redwood tree. Redwood is the national tree of California. Redwood is evergreen […]
  • A young tapir of a tapir was born in the Prague Zoo 24.4.2020 - The cub of the rare soliped gave birth to a female Indah on April 19, after more than fourteen months of pregnancy, the father is a male Niko. He is only the second bred young of this endangered species in the history of the Prague Zoo. The first cub was born to the same couple in October 2015. Their second offspring is also a male. Their first descendant Budak Puntja, nicknamed Punta, who […]
  • One of the five rhinos transported from the Royal Court to Rwanda died 21.4.2020 - One of the five rare black rhinos that were transported there from the zoo in Dvůr Králové nad Labem last June died in the Akagera National Park in Central African Rwanda on February 10. The dead rhino is a male Manny, who was born in September 2011 in Dvůr Králové. It was ruled out on the spot that he would be oppressed. At fault […]
  • Life in the wild can be brutal 15.4.2020 - This pair of eagles has been around the nesting area since January last year and drove the original pair of eagles out of the nest. The new couple remained in the territory, always close to each other, feeding each other throughout spring and summer, but without egg production. For the first time in two years, eagles have laid eggs in the EagleCam nest in Minnesota! DNR EagleCam's first egg arrived […]
  • The Eurasian lynx appeared again in the Brdy Protected Landscape Area 9.4.2020 - This January again confirmed the occurrence of the highly endangered lynx in the protected landscape area of ​​Brdy. He was captured by one of the photo traps that were installed here thanks to the international project 3Lynx. The photo-trapped image was compared with hundreds of lynx photographs from the nearest area of ​​their permanent occurrence, ie from Šumava. But the animal could not be identified by […]
  • Endangered sea turtles hatch on a deserted Brazilian beach 7.4.2020 - Hundreds of small sea turtles flooded the beach in the Brazilian town of Paulista on the Atlantic coast in northeastern Pernambuco. One factor in this phenomenon is the coronavirus pandemic, which has caused people to not gather on the sandy beaches of the region. Other times, sandy beaches are under the siege of tourists and locals. Photographs taken by government workers, the only […]
  • Harriet and M15 did not give up after the death of E14, bringing up the next generation of eagles 3.4.2020 - This nesting season ended with an unfortunate sudden death of E14 and the second hatched egg. Harriet and the M15 decided to endure and start again. They were fully focused on preparing the nest, determined to bring new life to the world. They began to rebuild their nest, guard their territory and consolidate […]
  • A piece of fox was born in the Brno Zoo 30.3.2020 - In Brno Zoo was born a small marsupial piece of fox, zoo does not keep this species even a year. Last May, female Lily from Jihlava first arrived at Mniší hora, followed by male Gin Gin on 19st July. Lily was born in Jihlava last January 21, Gin Gin comes from Budapest and […]
  • A baby elephant was born in Prague Zoo early in the morning, another baby is on its way 27.3.2020 - A baby elephant was born this morning at Prague Zoo. The mother is the elephant Tamara and the baby elephant is fine, but the zoo does not yet know its gender. Zoo director Miroslav Bobek informed on this morning on Twitter. The zoo in Troja in the next few days awaits the birth of the second pregnant elephant, Janita. The father of the born and expected baby elephant is male […]
  • Lemur kata twins were born in Prague Zoo 25.3.2020 - The eight-year-old female Móni gave birth to twins on March 13, the father is a six-year-old male Tali. Móni is the dominant female of the group, and she brought her first chick at Prague Zoo last year. “When we found the cubs on Friday morning, she was cleaned and sucked her mother's milk. The birth of the female managed without the need for any of our intervention and […]
  • In Spain, a few brown vultures began to nest, and the female laid the egg 20.3.2020 - Online transmission from the nest is provided by the ornithological company SEO / BirdLife founded since 1954. The brown vulture nests mostly in the mountains, is nowhere abundant and almost extinct in Europe. Therefore, it is included in the IUCN Red List of Endangered Species as vulnerable. SEO / BirdLife launched this camera from the Sierra de Guadarrama National Park on 11 March to enjoy the breeding of the […]
  • The second nest on the nest of bald eagles West End 19.3.2020 - This nest is part of the Bald Eagle Restoration Program launched by the Wildlife Institute in 1980. The nest has been active since 1991 and has been broadcasting live since 2005. Transmission from the Bald Eagle Cam's nest is made possible through an educational partnership between The Wildlife Institute, the Montrose Settlements Program, […]
  • The anteater was born in Liberec Zoo for the first time 17.3.2020 - A pair of great anteater in Liberec Zoo managed to bring to life a historic first chick. The baby anteater, born on 28 February this year, is alive and growing in weight. This species is a new breeding program of the Liberec Zoo since July 18, 2017, when the first transport of male (* 2015) from the Hungarian Nyiregyházy took place. […]
  • Rare white giraffes in Kenya were killed by poachers 11.3.2020 - Poachers in northeastern Kenya killed two extremely rare white giraffes. The protector found the dead body of the female and her baby in a village in the Garissa district in northeastern Kenya. The third white giraffe is reportedly still alive. This is probably the only one remaining in the world, the protectors added. Their white appearance is caused by a rare condition called […]
  • Feeders during the January bird census most visited the Great Tit 11.3.2020 - Great Tit defended its winning position from last year. More than 10 people participated in the second bird census from 12 to 21 January, 7 more than last year. The great tit confirmed in the second year of the bird census that she is the queen of Czech feeders. Controlled statistics. “The great tit was the most frequent guest […]
  • A rare addition to the Ostrava Zoo, a chimpanzee cub was born after 10 years 9.3.2020 - After ten years, a chimpanzee of the Upper-Guinean chimpanzee, one of the critically endangered apes, was born in the Ostrava Zoo. She was born a 15-year-old female. Although she is a firstborn, she takes care of her offspring. The female was imported to Ostrava in 2016 from Leipzig Zoo. Since primates do not have inborn care, […]
  • 107 features live on the Czech-Bavarian-Austrian border 4.3.2020 - 13 features live on the 000 2 km107 border with Austria and Germany. About a third of them are newly baked mothers accompanied by kittens. The international group of experts from the 3Lynx project published the results of this most detailed and accurate study to date. Nine institutions from all three countries were involved in the research. Introductory photo - Each feature has a unique color. […]
  • In the nest of bald eagles at Lake Dale Hollow, hatchlings hatch 2.3.2020 - Female River laid a total of 2020 eggs in the 3 season. The first egg was laid on January 22, the second on January 26 and the third on January 29 The first chick hatched on March 1. The lake was created by damming the river Obey. The name of the lake comes from the name of the land owner […]
  • Sad news from Norway - Female rare sea eagle found dead 28.2.2020 - Baroness Barfot was found dead in FastSmøla a few hundred meters from the nest. The Baroness was apparently killed in a territorial battle with another eagle. Introductory Forography Baroness with Elle and Melle in 2019 She was a large and powerful eagle, injured her leg in 2019, and the battle for territory could be a long […]
  • In Latvia, golden eagles prepare for nesting 24.2.2020 - The Eagle's Nest is located in Latvia, in a marshy area, near the village of Murmastiene. The nest was built in 2010 by ornithologist Uģis Bergmanis. One eagle bred here in 2016 and since then no one has nested. At the end of 2018, a male began to appear in the nest, and the participants of the Latvian discussion forum named Virsis. In May […]
  • The number of Chinstrap Penguins may fall by more than half on the Antarctic island 21.2.2020 - North of Antarctic Peninsula is a small ice-covered island in the shape of an elephant's head. Every year, despite the brutal winds and rocky landscape of cliffs and glaciers, hundreds of thousands of chinstrap penguins nest here on these shores and create a living sea of ​​black and white feathers. Initial photo - Chinstrap penguins are returning to their colony at Stinker Point on the west coast […]
  • Results of the autopsy of the bald eagle E14 19.2.2020 - Young Bald Eagle E14 from Southwest Eagle Cam Nest in Florida Died January 15 Veterinary Workers of Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic, Inc. CROW On January 16, the eagle's remains were removed from the nest and a brief examination of the E14 remains found that the entire left side was covered with blood that had come from broken feathers on the left flank. No […]
  • The bird of 2020 is Martin 19.2.2020 - Czech Ornithological Society (CSO) awarded the title to Feathered Birds, which lives close to people and leaves for Africa for the winter. By awarding the title Martin Martin, ornithologists want to draw attention to the loss of a suitable environment due to construction work and interventions in breeding sites. The Czech Bird of the Year award is usually awarded to the Bird of the Year by species well known to the public, in the case of martyrs […]
  • A large, Europe's largest field bird appeared in Haná 16.2.2020 - The largest field bird of Europe, the Great Bustard, has lived in Central Moravia since the summer. To the surprise of the local ornithologists, he not only came here outside his nesting area, but also stayed here throughout the winter, which they consider to be quite unique. A massive bird that can weigh up to 16 kilograms and a wingspan of more than two meters is […]
  • A rhinoceros was born in Tanzania to a fourth cub 12.2.2020 - In October 2009, the fourth chick was born to the rare two-horned rhinoceros, who were transferred from Dvůr Králové nad Labem Zoo to Tanzania's Mkomazi National Park in 25. The female gave birth to Deborah on 2009 October, the sire is male Jamie, who was transported to Tanzania in XNUMX together with Deborah. As in previous years, […]
  • Wolves move in the Lusatian Mountains 10.2.2020 - There are currently at least four wolves in the Lusatian Mountains. They have been captured by photocopies of the environmental organization The Rainbow Movement Wolf Patrols volunteers have been monitoring the occurrence of large carnivores in the Lusatian Mountains since 2016. At the turn of 2018 and 2019 volunteers involved in monitoring large carnivores in the mountains recorded three wolves. However, in February 2019 one […]
  • The lioness Nikita celebrated her 19th birthday 6.2.2020 - A lioness Nikita was found chained to a house wall during a police raid on drug dealers in Tennessee. Because she was confined to the concrete floor, she had tremendous swelling on her elbows, and it took months to recover. She was so skinny that you could wear her under one arm. Officials took her to Nashville Zoo in Grasmere, but […]
  • In Poland, ornithologists build nesting pads for eagles 4.2.2020 - The legal objectives of the Committee for the Protection of Oysters in Poland include not only the protection but also the monitoring and research of the most precious birds of prey. 2019 was a very fruitful year in identifying the state of the population and a record year in terms of the number of ringed eagles. Overall, in Poland about 54 chicks hatched from 27 breeding sites. […]
  • A white chick was born in the zoo in Pilsen 31.1.2020 - This year, the third white-colored kangaroo will be presented in the Pilsen Zoo group of Red-necked Wallabys. Classically colored female red-necked kangaroo was born at the end of last year pure white chick. The young nurses discovered the brown-colored female bag as early as December 27.12, but only now was his photograph taken. So far, the young can only be seen sporadically, but […]
  • In a nest at Lake Dale Hollow, a few bald eagles incubate three eggs 29.1.2020 - Season 2020 Female River laid a total of 3 eggs. The first egg was laid on 22 January, the second three days later on 25 January and the third on 28 January. The lake was created by damming the river Obey. The name of the lake comes from the name of the landowner William Dale. Family […]
  • The nest of hummingbirds turned out to be the first chick - nesting 2020 27.1.2020 - This hummingbird nest is located on private grounds in the ficus tree branches of La Verne, California. Hummingbirds have been nesting here since 2005. In 2012, the female built 4 nests in one season. Since then it has been broadcast online. Annually, the female breeds four to five cubs in a half-sized […]
  • The White-tailed Chick at the Zlín Zoo has been doing well for the first few weeks of life 24.1.2020 - The White-tailed Chick was born in the Zlín Zoo in early December. Most likely it's a female. The first month was spent by the cub with his mother, eight-year-old female Oliv. Little female is doing well, according to breeders is in great condition. Other members of the bunch of tails, four-year-old male Rasty and five-year-old Rose, also help with the care of the offspring. Chvostani […]
  • Fighting of Bermudas petrels in the burrow - video footage 20.1.2020 - In the middle of the last century the Bermuda Buřňák was on the verge of extinction, in 1951 the only known nesting site was re-discovered 17 pairs. The numbers are increasing very slowly. Thanks to a very successful management plan and a more recent translocation project, their population has increased to 135+ pairs. 2020 is the 8th season in which the LookBermuda Nonsuch Expeditions […]
  • Statement on the death of a young bald eagle E14 17.1.2020 - The Bald Eagle has long been celebrated by humans for its strength, wisdom, hope, courage and loyalty. They were held in respect by many religions and cultures as an integral part of their traditions and spirituality. Amazing flights lead the eagle to the highest heights between and above the clouds. This ability was to create a balance in your life that allows a powerful vision and […]
  • A blue tit with melanism appeared on the feeder in Přerov 17.1.2020 - The unusually colored tit has been watched by nature conservationist Adin Prospect at the feeder in Přerov. Her pictures, which he managed to take, then sent to the Moravian Ornithological Association. Its members then confirmed that it is a Modřinka with a rare pigment defect - melanism. Melanism in this tit has been caused by a gene mutation. It is actually the opposite of albinism. […]
  • Tragedy in the nest of bald eagles: The young died in a popular camera-nest. 15.1.2020 - In the beloved nest of bald eagles in Fort Myers, the situation changed as the female Harriet and the M15 remained alone this season. On Tuesday afternoon it was reported that the well-known E14 eagle had a bleeding wound on the left wing, probably from a fishing hook. On Wednesday morning, viewers of the Southwest Florida Eagle Cam report that the E14 died. Cameras […]
  • The best underwater photo was the attacking seal. 15.1.2020 - The eighth year of the prestigious contest for the best underwater photography Ocean Art knows its winners. Thousands of amateur and professional photographers from 78 countries participated in the prestigious competition. The winners were decided by a jury of photographers Tony Wu, Martin Edge, Marty Snyderman and Scott Gietler. Introductory photo - overall winner and winner of the Cool Water category, Greg Lecoeur […]
  • In the nest of Bald Eagles in the Big Berar Valley, female Jackie laid a second egg 13.1.2020 - This nest is located in the San Bernardino National Forest of Southern California. It has been actively used since autumn 2013. The surrounding area is closed during the breeding season to protect eagles - bald eagles are known to leave their nests when disturbed by humans. The camera and sound system is powered by a solar system and operates a live […]
  • Eggs and cold weather 10.1.2020 - Temperature, humidity and regular rotation are important to ensure the survival of the embryo and possible hatching. In 1969, H. Lundy identified five temperature zones characterized by their effect on the developing embryo. These studies were conducted on chicken eggs in an artificially controlled environment, but we will look at them to imagine how eagle eggs could react […]
  • The first addition to 2020 is the Pilsen Zoo chimpanzee docile. 7.1.2020 - The little female came into the world on New Year's afternoon. The mother is for the first time female Zedonja (* 24.2.1994) from the Arnhem Zoo in the Netherlands, who has lived in Pilsen since 2002. The father is male Bask. The first chick was born in Pilsen in 1978, but it was not raised. The only successful breeding is the female Bamia (* 2003), who now lives in France and […]
  • New male on West End nest - footage 6.1.2020 - The WE - West End has been monitored since 2006. It is located on the island of Santa Catalina. Since 2006 there have been 3 nesting pairs of bald eagles. Season 2019: The K-01 Superman male was produced in 1999 by captured eagles at the San Francisco Zoo and in 2000 was spotted on Pinnacle Rock on the island […]
  • Cameroon sheep and Tunisian tortoise are the first of the year at Prague Zoo. 2.1.2020 - On January 1, 2020, two young pups, the Cameroon sheep and the Tunisian tortoise, were born at Prague Zoo. Introductory photo - The mother of the newborn lamb has successfully raised one chick. Photo: Petr Hamerník, Prague Zoo As in the past two years, this year's […]
  • The oldest black rhino in the world died. The female Fausta was 57 years old. 2.1.2020 - At the age of 57, the female black rhinoceros, Faust, was considered the longest-living representative of this species. On Saturday, December 28, according to AFP, officials announced Tanzanian National Park Ngorongoro, where the animal has lived freely for most of its life. Fausta died a natural death in a wildlife shelter where she had lived for the last few years. Most […]
  • Great Horned Owl on the Nest of Bald Eagles in Decorah North - Footage 20.12.2019 - This live camera looks into a nest of bald eagles built on an oak tree in a remote valley on a private property in northern Iowa, Decorah. On Wednesday evening, 18 December, a female eagle owl arrived in the nest. She spent the night in the nest and departed early Thursday morning. She brought with her prey (rabbit), ate several times, then […]

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