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Rys ostrovid - webcam

author: | Led 5, 2019 | Evropa, Live cameras from nature | 30 comments

Rys ostrovid - description

Rys islands is the largest European cat, with a body length of up to 148 cm, tail length to 25 cm, height at withers up to 75 cm and weight over 35 kg (only males, females are smaller). Typical dimensions are however considerably smaller, the average weight is around 20 kg. Characteristic feature of all features are triangular ears with black tufts of hair at the end (so-called "tailings") and black tail end, many individuals have elongated hairs elongated and forming whiskers.
The coloration is very variable, but in general it can be said that the further the Northern feature lives, the lighter the coat is to be best masked in the snowy landscape. The basic color of his coat is gray with yellowish to rusty coloration and brown to reddish-brown spots. Winter coat is much longer and denser, with less pronounced spot. The center of the back is often stretched out with a dark belt, the stomach is clearly brighter to white.
Typical environment features are in our natural conditions the area of ​​mixed and coniferous forests of medium and higher positions, preferably with rich undergrowth and rock formations. However, as the number increases, the feature penetrates the areas of both mountainless and deciduous forests in the lower positions, where it becomes a wildcat competitor.
The male lives lonely, only at the time of mating he is staying with the female. In this period, females sometimes accompany more males who fight each other. Oct is in February and March, and the 10 weeks last. In May to June, the 2-4 females give birth to youngsters, usually in thickets, rock cavities or underneath. The babies are born blind, seeing begin after 16-17 days and breastfeeding takes two to three months. The youngsters remain in the mother's society until the next rises, their mother first feeds them and then learns to hunt. Sexual maturity pups reach between 21 (females) and 33 moons (males).

Rys ostrovid - live

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