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Live from Earth [: en] Earth from space web cam [: de] Erde aus dem Weltraum [: fr] Terre de l'univers

author: | Led 31, 2016 | Webcams in the country | 3 comments

Live Earth from Space - a description

Online webcam from the universe. Watch the Earth as astronauts see it.
NASA has launched the High Definition Earth Viewing (HDEV) experimental program to test the quality of video transmission from space. The image is live streamed to the Internet in real time.

Earth from space - alive

[: en]

Online webcam from space. You are watching Earth like only astronauts can.

NASA recently launched an experimental program High Definition Earth Viewing (HDEV) in which they want to test the quality of video stream from space. Stream is live! [: De]

Check Online Webcam aus dem Weltraum. You can see the Erde wie nur Astronauten können.
NASA hat will take the course Versuchsprogramm High Definition Earth Viewing (HDEV), in order to qualify for Video Stream from Weltraum to testen. Stream ist Live! [: Fr]

Webcam en ligne de l'univers. Vous regardez ter terre comme seul astronautes peuvent.

NASA and the Lancé program expérimental High Definition Earth Viewing (HDEV) dans lequel ils veulent tester to qualité du flux vidéo de l'espace. Stream est vivement!

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