Polar Bear

author: | Led 31, 2016 | North America, Live cameras from nature | 16 comments

Polar bear - description

Check out polar bears in the Wapusk National Park
This camera is located at Cape Churchill, within the Wapusk National Park. He sees the polar bears who are the largest living creatures. There is no polar bear on the land, except a human being, a natural enemy. In the water it can endanger the walruses and the predators. The polar bear swims well and sinks, lasting underwater for up to two minutes. It sails at about 10 km / h. On land it is able to run up to 40 km / h.
Female females are usually born every three years. He's pregnant with 9 months, but he's going through a secret pregnancy - the fertilized egg starts scratching, then his progression stops to continue at a convenient time. In November and December, every bear rags in the snow or in the country. The young are born in November and December. They are relatively small. Weighing around 450 - 900 grams. She is born naked, deaf and blind.
They are predominantly hunted, and their most common prey is seals. For the polar bear, it is easy to spot the seals of the seals because it has a very well developed smell. Life is lonely.

Polar bear - live

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