Coral reef documentary

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Coral reef - description

Coral reef is a large undersea formation, composed of coral. Coral reefs occur in tropical regions of the planet and are home to many tropical fish and other marine creatures with which they create their own little ecosystem. People search for coral reefs for snorkeling and diving for their colorfulness and diversity of life. However, corals are also against their fragile beauty with the dangers of ships that can sink through their hardness. The large coral reef is so vast that it can be seen from the universe.
The largest coral reef is the Great Barrier Reef on the east coast of Australia. This belt is over 2000 km long. To the East Australian state, Queensland, tourists often travel due to this strip of coral reefs. The Great Barrier Reef is the largest in the world and was even listed on UNESCO. The second largest coral reef in the world is the Mesoamerican Coral Reef.
Besides, there are also coral reefs in cold waters, for example, in the Atlantic it forms a turbine branched.

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