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Big catfish - description

A large catfish from the Fossil family is besides sturgeon fish the largest freshwater fish in Europe. Catfish is a highly sought after sport fisherman, though difficult to catch fish, with the smallest fishing effort set by law. He's a night predator.
They belong to long-lived fish. The 20-40 age is common. Under favorable conditions (enough food, warm water), it grows very quickly. In cold waters, its growth is slower. 10-18 cm, 55-75 cm in the fifth year, 85-120 cm in the tenth year, 120-170 cm in the fifteenth year, 150-200 cm in the twentieth year. Its weight gains make 1-3 kg per year. Big catfish is today our only fish that can reach a mass of 100 kg or more. Sexually mature in age 3-5 years, female on average a year later than males. Friction runs from May to August (water temperature should be 18-22 ° C). The female deletes 20 000 - 30 000 eggs per kilogram of live weight and attaches them to the plant base. After swabbing the male, the eggs are usually kept under control. Losses are large, so artificially swallow catfish. The development of fermented eggs takes 2-3 days. The swamp of fry is held in hiding.
The catfish feeds on a variety of foods, whose composition changes throughout their age. Younger individuals feed on zooplankton. The adult person filters the mud to get microscopic invertebrate animals, catching worms, amphibians, reptiles, molluscs, crustaceans, fish mainly lines and carps, water mammals and even small water birds (eg ducks).

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