Tau Waterhole in Madikwe Game Reserve National Park

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Watering can Tau - description

This reserve is a protected area in South Africa and is part of a national park system. This is a unique place where many rare species occur naturally, located in the transition zone on the outskirts of Kalahari.
On the edge of the Kalahari Desert, Madikwe format a part of the semi-dry region, where the climate can be divided into rainy season (October-April) and dry season (May-September). Animal monitoring is good at all seasons and is usually best during the day. Winter is especially exciting because most animals tend to gather around available water resources at this time.
On the northern border of South Africa and Botswana lies the beautiful area known as Groot Marico, named after the Marico River. In this spectacular setting is the Tau Game Lodge located in the Madikwe Game Reserve (4th largest reserve in the country). It overlooks the Tau Reservoir, an animal and wildlife oasis including elephants, giraffes, lions, zebras and cheetahs. Along with these animals, the area attracts over 27 species of animals and is a prime spot for bird watchers. In the waterhole you can see Nile crocodiles, which feed on birds and other animals. The live Tau camera gives viewers a secret window into this shrine.
Please do not use the Snap Tool if a rhino appears on the camera and do not post photos or videos or observations. Rhinos are under constant threat of poaching in South Africa. To protect them, we do not share any photos or information regarding their placement on this site.

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Watering Tau - live

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