Great Egret - A colony in Maryland

author: | Mar 29, 2018 | North America, Live cameras from nature | 25 comments

Great Egret - description

Great egret is a large wading bird of the heron family.
It is the largest North American heron. It grows 91 - 140 cm, measures 167 - 201 cm in the wingspan and weighs between 2 - 3,6 kg. It is colored blue-gray, with black squadrons, a rusty gray neck, an orange shoulder spot and identically colored feathers on the thighs. The beak is light yellow, orange during the breeding season. Elongated dark feathers on her head also grow in her wedding dress.
It occupies almost the whole of North America, including Alaska, British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec. Despite Florida, Mexico and the Caribbean, it also partially extends to South America. Birds from northern populations are migratory and migrate to the middle of North America for the winter. It occurs in swamps, flooded meadows, lakes, ponds, slowly flowing rivers and seas. It has also been recorded several times in England, Greenland, Hawaii and the Azores.
The Great Heron feeds mainly on small fish, but it also eats crabs, insects, small mammals, amphibians, reptiles and small birds. He hunts lonely and the prey most often attacks his long sharp beak. The branch nests on the trees. In one snack, 3-6 is a light blue egg that sits approximately 28 days.

Great Egret - live

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