Pipulka modropláštíková webkamera Panama

author: | Mar 1, 2018 | Ptáci, Live cameras from nature | 23 comments

Pipulka modropláštíková - popis

Deep in the tropical dry woods of Isla Boca Brava in Panama,
is a camera that focuses on a lone twig,
where dramatic dances of male pipelines take place.
This is one of the many great concentrations where males attract females to mating.
The females adhere to the twig and choose a suitable partner.

Male Lance-tailed males form long-term male alliances. The partners sit side by side in tall trees to sing duet songs. When a young woman approaches, she dances on a branch by her side
with coordinated jumps and butterfly flights. The performance that occurred just prior to copulation is often performed only by an alpha males, but if both males are present, the male beta typically leaves the area a few minutes before the final stages of mating and mating.
The most enchanting performance is the "jump back", in which the two males alternately jump one above the other, while the females observe everything within close reach. Twilight surprise often ends with a sharp alpha male "ee", one performance may involve many jump and flight jets.

Pipulka modropláštíková - live

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