Documentary film about big cats

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Big cats - description

Large cats create a subfamily of cats. This includes two cats: Panthera and Neofelis. Especially the Panthera genus, including the lion, tiger, leopard, and jaguar and irbis, is widely known.
Big cats can be found in Asia, Africa and America; inhabit the savannas, the forests and the mountain shields of the Himalayas. The area of ​​their largest occurrence is often a place with a high density of human settlement. Large cats are persecuted for the protection of livestock and the people living in the area - some lions, tigers and leopards may, in certain circumstances, become oysters. They are mostly shy and mostly avoid.
All big cats, except the adult lion, have coat with a drawing - mostly stains or rosettes, in the case of a tiger with stripes. Attractive hair coloration is the cause of another problem - big cats are (mostly illegally) hunted for fur. Their majestic appearance and strength has made them a symbol in many cultures and parts of their bodies are considered to be talismans or to have healing or other power. This is a major problem in the case of a tiger, whose bones are a valuable raw material in traditional Chinese medicine.
The tiger and irbis are listed on the Red List as species endangered by extinction, the lion, the leopard, the leopard and the leopard Diard are then classified as vulnerable species. The most abundant species is the American jaguar, which is considered to be almost endangered. The counts of all large cats are declining.

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