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Pigeon Pink Documentary Film

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Pigeon Pigeon - description

The Pink Pigeon is one of the world's most precious birds, which managed to save thanks to international cooperation.

The Pigeon Pigeon is listed as a critically endangered species in the IUCN Red List, which was on the native island during 20. century almost exterminated. Today, thanks to the welfare of the breed, it is the worst outdoors that Gerald Durrell, a zoologist and writer, has great merit.
Prague Zoo joined the EEP conservation program and annually pigeons breed.

Puppy pigeons are problematic because they are quite intolerant.
Females usually tolerate two eggs on which they alternate in incubation with the male. The length of the pink pigeon's body is approximately 40 cm and the weight 291-315g. It lives parts of plants including flowers, leaves and fruits. Occasionally it feeds on invertebrate animals.
Its original home is the island of Mauritius.

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