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Tigers in a mangrove forest documentary

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Indian tiger - description

The Indian tiger, also called the Bengal Tiger, is the most numerous subspecies of tiger. It occurs predominantly near the mouth of the Ganges, India and Bangladesh.

Tiger males weigh an average of about 210 kg (scattering 180 - 250 kg), especially large individuals up to about 300 kg, quite exceptionally probably even more. It achieves lengths around 3 m (including tail), longest measured pieces up to about 320-330 cm. The height at the withers is approximately 100 cm (max. 110 cm). Head length is 25-38 cm.
Female females measure 1,5-2 m without tail and 2,5-3 with tail. It usually weighs 100-160 kg. At the withers it measures approximately 80 cm, the length of the head is 20-30 cm. On average, females of the length 2,5 have a weight of 150 kg, the length of the teeth is 4 - 5 cm.
Indian tigers grow in size similar to those of the Sassurian tigers, and together they are the largest cats in the world.
Striking is less dense than other tigers, black on yellow - to orange - brown. Its coloring perfectly masks it in the forest. The black stripes on his coat resemble the shadows of plants and branches.
The tiger is a reclusive beast hunter, not a perennial runner, so he often chooses weak or injured animals for his victims. She attacks her first crap in the grass (thanks to her camouflage, the victim often does not notice it even if she creeps in a very low stand) and then swiftly traps her. The loot will kill her by biting her throat or biting her back and breaking her neck. The tiger attacks the most often from the back, the prey captured and then pulls it into the thickets and covers it with leaves (the tigers often return to their prey).
The Indian tiger breeds during the spring, looking for a female in its territory, where 20-80 days remain with her. The female is able to fertilize only 3-7 days. After a successful pairing, the male returns to its territory again.
The female then searches for a lair (for example, in the rock cavities or under the tree) during 2 weeks, in which the 3-4 chicks are thrown. They are blind, but they already have a coat similar to adult ones. The females are breastfeeding the youngsters about 8 weeks, then start to wear smaller pieces of meat. The next few days her mother leaves her chicks to catch her own food. Even before reaching the age of one, young tigers are able to hunt themselves.

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