False Falcon - Nest of France

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Falcon's Nest - Description

The nest is located in the French town of Illkirch-Graffenstaden at St. The bell tower symphony, the city and the LPO installed the nesting box on September 19, 2015.

The aim of this project is not to replace natural habitats or to attract these birds of prey in order to limit the overgrowth of pigeons, but to allow the birds present to choose the area to breed under the best conditions.
No human intervention is made except for the initial installation of the nest box and its annual cleaning (with the kind support of the Les Mousquifs Climbing Club).
The peregrine falcon almost disappeared in the 70s due to pesticides. This species has been saved by a ban on DDT since the 80s and a ban on other organochlorine pesticides. Monitoring and protection of nesting areas by engaged ornithologists also contributed. Alsace currently has around 50 to 60 pairs.
After the male (Flash) disappeared at the end of February 2018, a new male (Flashblack) appeared that nested with the female Valentine.

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