Carnivorous bird feeding in Spain

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Predator feeding - description

This webcam is located at the Las Pichillas landfill (Binaced, Huesca, in northeastern Spain) and is one of the oldest controlled landfills in Spain. It has been managed by the Vulture Friends Fund (FAB) since 1980 and has been feeding and counting this bird population for 40 years.
It exports the remains of animals for slaughter here, for feeding predators.
Installation of this webcam at the Las Pichillas landfill was possible thanks to the LIFE EUROKITE project (LIFE18 NAT / AT / 000048). In order to preserve red kites throughout Europe, a cross-border project was launched in 2020 to protect red kites and other endangered species of predators in Europe. This project will take place over the next seven years in 26 European countries with the support of many partners and co-financing beneficiaries. LIFE coordination depends on the Austrian organization MEGEG (Mitteleuropäische Gesellschaft zur Erhaltung der Greifvögel, Central European Society for Predator Protection) and SEO / BirdLife is one of the beneficiaries in Spain.
This webcam is part of one of the three cameras available to the LIFE EUROKITE project as part of its public awareness and dissemination events. The event was supported by the Vulture Friends Fund, Binaced City Council and the Huesca Provincial Service of the General Council of Aragon

Thanks to SEOBirdLife - Sociedad Española de Ornitología

Predator feeding - live

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