A lion in a runway at a rescue station

author: | Led 29, 2016 | Carnivores, Live cameras from the zoo | 32 comments

Lev- description

The Panthera leo is a mammal of the feline family and one of four species of large cats of the genus Panthera. The lion is the second largest cat of the cat. Males weigh 150-250 kg and female 90-165 kg. In the wilderness, the lions are living 10-14 years, while in captivity they can experience the age of 20 years. Previously, lions occurred throughout Africa, Asia, Europe, and even America, nowadays only in Africa and in several places in India. They are companion animals and hunt in packs. The lions exhibit marked sexual dimorphism, the main and determining feature of the lion's male is their mane.

We thank the operators of the webcam

Nikita Lioness

Lion in the paddock - live

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